Industry Interactions

Ishan Khosla

Well known Graphic Designer and entrepreneur Ishan Khosla engaged in a series of rigorous workshops with the students of Communication Design to help them understand the nuances of Branding. This included a range of skills within branding from brand strategy and architecture to brand identity, logo design and marketing as well. The workshops helped students understand the vocabulary and processes of branding, after which, they immersed themselves in assignments that allowed them to offer strategic inputs on creating, improving and sometimes changing the brand identities of businesses to add significant value to bottom lines.

Fun Fact:
Ishan Khosla and his work have been featured among the 100 Best Contemporary Graphic Designers in the World in a book titled New Graphic Design: The 100 Best Contemporary Graphic Designers by Charlotte and Peter Fiell. He has featured in many other renowned international publications. He is closely associated with IIAD and offers academic and professional advice to students each time he visits the campus.

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