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The BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design at IIAD explores the relationship between the various elements of Interiors such as built internal space and its contents, finishes and alteration. The course also helps students appreciate the importance and relevance of these elements depending upon the design context and constraints within which these exist as well as the diversity of approach to addressing design situations and their outcomes.

It is an Atelier / studio based, research led practical interior design course. Students explore the subject of Interiors through a series of practical projects addressing real design challenges, and understand the interactions of design aspects such as technology, conservation, history, politics, culture, ideology, identity, and importantly, economics. These projects progressively become more rigorous as the students move through each studio practice within the atelier system. Their work culminates in a final project that synthesizes all prior learning and bridges the space between graduation and employment. Lectures, seminars and workshops create a framework and build the foundation for design projects. The course is outward facing, inviting expert lecturers from industry and enabling students to collaborate on live projects. Visits and field trips are encouraged and facilitated where appropriate.

The primary objective of the Interior Designing course is the cultivation of a critically informed and enquiring mind-set willing to explore creative possibilities. It is understood that this occurs within a climate of relevant contextual understanding – historical, theoretical, technical, environmental, social, political, and commercial. This is complimented with the incremental acquisition and development of core skills and knowledge. It is also understood that nurturing creativity is an intensely iterative process. This involves doing, re-doing, analysing, repeating and critiquing their work as design practitioners. Graduates, therefore, emerge as well equipped entrants to industry, conscious of their personal position within the broad scope of this discipline and with the ability to make effective contributions.

Central to the student experience in an Interior Architecture and Design course is the development of an appreciation of materials with reference to different built environments. The course values the practical skills and heightened awareness of the ‘made’ environment. The emphasis is on shaping an attitude in students that empowers them to chart a successful future beyond education. This attitude will be reflected in both individual projects and personal portfolios, firmly connecting students to industry and current topical debates.

The students have the advantage of learning in a diverse educational environment gaining from the interconnectedness among interior architecture design, communication design and fashion design, each offering potential insights and influencing the others.

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