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Independence Day

IIAD students celebrate Independence Day with some fabulous performances and showcase their patriotism by decorating the Campus.

IIAD students dressed in the colors of the flag IIAD Fashion Design students showcasing their traditional attire Indian flag created by the IIAD students IIAD students entertaining the audience with some patriotic songs IIAD dean handing out prizes Faculty watches on as IIAD students showcase their craft IIAD students enjoying themselves on Independence Day IIAD student having fun as they decorate the campus IIAD students look on as their peers put on a show IIAD faculty proudly watches their students performing IIAD students announcing the next act Student working on making beautiful art IIAD students welcoming the audience Students enjoying themselves as their friends perform IIAD staff watches students perform IIAD students getting ready to perform Students talking about the performances A student jumps with joy Student gets ready to capture a few shots on his phone Student performing Student intently watches some amazing performances Tricolor confetti Tricolor confetti decorating the walls of IIAD Student shoots a few phenomenal photographs of the decor Student works diligently in order to decorate IIAD for Independence Day Students gather to celebrate on Independence Day Students waving at the audience Students decorate the hallway with handcrafted kites Student poses in a complete Bollywood style Student focuses on decorating IIAD Students organizing the next set of performances Students working on making beautiful kites Students having fun while working Student walks the ramp for the audience Usha Nehru Patel, Dean, IIAD gives out prizes Kites decorate the halls of IIAD An award-winning sketch of Mahatma Gandhi made by IIAD student IIAD student puts up a dance performance Student enjoys herself while making confetti Students discuss the next set of art installations IIAD faculty watch excitedly as the students perform IIAD student creating gorgeous installations IIAD student looks up at the kite installations IIAD students pose for the camera IIAD students excitedly watch the performances IIAD students posing for the camera Staff chit chat before the peformances begin Usha Nehru Patel, Dean, IIAD, gives a speech Students getting excited to perform Students give an amazing runway performance Students ushering in a new set of performers Students gather around for a group photograph IIAD Dean hands out prizes to students


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