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Identity Project with Berlin based Designer Piyush Suri

The Fashion Design students of Level 6 at IIAD were a part of a two-week long project under the guidance of Berlin based Fashion Designer Piyush Suri. The theme of the project this year was “My First Ever” wherein the students had to first individually think of their ‘first ever’ memory, explore its nuances and intricacies and ultimately express it through their garment. They were then bunched into a team of 3-4 in order to see how their individual creations fit cohesively with garments created by their teammates. In the words of Designer Piyush Suri, “the whole concept was based on self identity. The aim was for students to find their own identity in their design. They drew inspiration from their past and came up with the concept. I wanted to teach a little bit of everything.” It was an emotionally charged exercise as they bared their most intricate memories, ranging from traumatic experiences to exhilarating ones, in front of one another. It was also an exploration of their own vulnerability and how they could ultimately derive strength from it. The students shared how this Project fostered creation of a unique bond between them as they understood one another in a new, more intimate way. During this Project, Design students also explored the idea of Space and Form, taking on the task of what would be the best way to narrate and showcase their exhibition. “The brief was to challenge the systems, the traditional ramp presentation, and to move away from conventionality”, said Piyush Suri. He left the students with a powerful statement “think simple but think outside the box”. The students used the campus infrastructure and facilities in interesting ways to present their garments - from the lift area to the basement and storage rooms among many other unconventional spaces. The Garment Collection was presented in the form of fashion shows, theatre shows and ‘walk as we talk’ tours which created a powerful impact and left the audience spellbound. All the stories and personal memories of students put in the collection culminated into representation of one concept - individual identity.

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