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Halloween 2015

IIAD students put their creative talents to good use on Halloween, with costumes and decor fit for a horror movie.

Students pose for some scary Halloween photographs Students show off their spooky face-paint for IIAD's Halloween celebration Student dresses up as cat-woman IIAD student strikes a scary pose Student looks on as red lights create a creepy ambiance IIAD student contorts her body into a scary figure IIAD students celebrating Halloween Student poses with full-fledged scary make-up Group of IIAD girls celebrating Halloween IIAD boys goofing around at Halloween IIAD students show off similar face-paint Student shows off her scary Halloween make-up IIAD student shows off his skeleton make-up IIAD student dons a masquerade mask IIAD student gives a scary look Student dresses up as the Joker for IIAD's Halloween party IIAD students enact a scary scene from a movie IIAD student dresses up as a zombie IIAD student wearing gothic makeup Students enact a scary scene IIAD building surrounded by bats on a full moon


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