Photography with Ravi Dhingra


Students at IIAD had the privilege of being introduced to the craft of photography by a well known professional photographer, Mr. Ravi Dhingra. He walked them through the science, art and practice of photography, which would help them capture better photographs. The students were also taught various technical aspects involved in photography like focus, shutter speed, white balance, aperture, focal length and types of lenses.

The students were involved in different exercises related to photography where they learnt how to handle the camera and identify and understand subjects to shoot. For instance, the students were taken around the campus and asked to identify spaces that they would like to capture. It was an excellent activity that showcased varied visual perspectives that the students had about the same space that they were all exposed to. The students marvelled at how even a mundane brick wall can be explored through a photograph for its textures, depth, and color.

The major learning outcome of this workshop was to make students comfortable with using a camera and help them capture stories that lie hidden in the banal everyday objects around them.

About Ravi Dhingra

Ravi pursued photography as a hobby till he joined Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi in 1998 to learn the finer nuances of the craft. With his photographs he tries to bring out the emotions attached to every subject – the state of happiness, feelings of being sad, and of neglect. He has been involved in lifestyle photography, which includes interiors, food, people and product. Currently based in New Delhi, Ravi is also a visiting faculty for photography at various institutes.

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