Masterclass with Fara Peluso


Fara Peluso is an Italian artist and designer based in Berlin. In her masterclass with the students of Fashion Design, she spoke about Speculative Design as a great learning tool that can be used to analyse and study our society.

Fara’s work finds itself at the intersection of biology and art. She works extensively with living organisms like algae and fungi. She spoke about why she started with algae, primarily because she realized that they are considered the most meaningless of all beings, an organism of no use. She briefly discussed Anthropocene, a symbiotic existence (co-existence), and how humans shouldn’t be at the top of a pyramid (a human-centered worldview) but instead, how we all are on a circular plane, with equal right to thrive and survive. She went on to discuss bioplastics and bio textiles and how she experiments with them.

The students had the opportunity to learn more about her art which is interdisciplinary and constantly open to experiment.In response to one student’s query regarding how long each of her projects takes, Fara said she is not the one deciding the schedule of her project but the algae are – since they are living organisms, they are changing every minute, every day.

Enquiry 2021