Masterclass with Damini Mittai


Damini Mittai joined the Fashion Design students for a session on ‘Sustainability & Longevity’. She discussed the ways in which garments can be made to last longer and what happens to clothes after they pass their use phase.

Referring to a wide variety of examples, she explained how different cultures have different ways of dealing with clothes that are no longer usable. For instance, Kanjeevaram sarees in South India, which are widely used and then discarded, are upcycled and recycled into kids’ garments.

As a sustainable designer & practitioner, Damini showed the students her Redress Design Award collection on how she utilized waste and considered longevity as an aspect in her collection.

On a concluding note, she provided the students with a glimpse of her studio, which was an inspiration in itself on how she is imbibing sustainability as a lifestyle philosophy and not just as a design practice.

Enquiry 2021