Masterclass with Abeer Gupta


Abeer Gupta, the director of the Krishnakriti Foundation in Hyderabad and the Achi Association India in New Delhi and Leh joined the students of Fashion Design for a masterclass on the “Anthropology of Brocades “.

The students were introduced to the extra weft weave, the Banarsi Brocade, and how it has been adapted in various ways over the years. They also learnt that the same traditional fabric is being used by the designers today in very contemporary fashion.

Abeer talked at length about how the Banarasi Brocade is not just a fabric,  it’s an heirloom. These pieces are passed from generation to generation and while the motifs may have changed and evolved over time, the love for the Banarsi weave still remains the same. The interactive session provided the students with a platform to learn about the journey of a fiber to fabric and textile surfaces

Enquiry 2021