Lateral Thinking with Shalu Buchhar


The term ‘Lateral Thinking,’ coined by Edward de Bono in 1967, implies distancing oneself from the traditional problem solving methods and adopting indirect approaches to finding creative solutions. Lateral thinking encourages having an open mind towards accepting all kinds of creative inputs or opinions. The primary motive of this workshop was to introduce students to lateral thinking and encourage them to use their imagination and solve problems with fresh perspectives. During the workshop the students were made to do various exercises centred around lateral thinking.

For instance, the students were first asked to create a frame with the help of sheets made available to them. Shalu then asked each of them to hold their respective frames in front of their faces and see through them. The intention of this particular exercise was to tell the students to look beyond the boundary (the frame) and explore the limitless opportunities and ideas that lie beyond it. Using shapes, the students also created illustrations, which they subsequently used to weave interesting stories and give flight to their imagination.

The major learning outcome of this workshop was to develop in the students the skill of looking sideways, analysing a problem/challenge through multiple approaches and finding the optimal solution.

About Shalu Buchhar

Shalu Buchhar has over 20 years of global experience in coaching, consulting, structuring training solutions, process development and market analysis and research for varied products. Presently she is working with InspireOne Pvt. Ltd as a Practice Lead & Senior Consultant. Her interests lie in painting, photography, music and travelling. She is passionate about community work and has worked towards empowering HIV positive children, under-privileged women and senior citizens in old age homes.

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