Orthographic Drawing with Hitesh Katiyar


Orthographic drawing or projection is about artistically rendering single or multiple views of a 3D object on a 2D plane of projection. Depending on the skill of the artist, the number of views may vary but they usually range between three to six with the parent (front) view being the most important. Understanding orthographic drawings and developing proficiency in creating these drawings is integral to becoming a skilful interior architect and designer. Keeping this in mind a workshop on the subject was facilitated by Hitesh Katiyar.

One of the exercises during the session was to translate a text from Italo Calvino’s ‘Invisible Cities’ into visuals using the medium of sketches and eventually orthographic drawing. The objective was to help students explore the various aspects of space and understand the layout and positioning of objects/elements. The major learning outcome of the workshop was understanding the language of communicating and representing ideas through orthographic projections of plane, sections and elevations.

About Hitesh Katiyar

Hitesh Katiyar completed his Masters in Architecture and Urbanism from the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London. He has industry experience in varied projects and has worked with competent professionals in the field like Mahmoud Bodo Rasch, Ambrish Arora, Itu Chaudhuri, Manit Rastogi, Virendra Wakhloo with the most recent being Theodore Spyropoulos.

Enquiry 2020