Interactive Experience (iX) with Ruchi Batra, Design Director, IBM


On the 21st of January 2020, a session on IBM Interactive Experience (iX) was held with Ms. Ruchi Batra – Design Director, IBM at the IIAD campus. Students, on the verge of embarking a career in Communication Design, benefitted from her two decades of experience and influence in the field of design. Ms. Batra interacted with the Faculty and the discussions revolved around the avenues of association between IBM and IIAD.

Ms. Batra also had a look at the students’ portfolios as they presented their projects and the stages they went through – from the conception of an idea to the unpacking of the problem and finally arriving at a solution. In the process, she shared a few key tips which they should pay attention to as Communication Design students. She highlighted the importance of being excellent story tellers before anything else. “Communication is a powerful tool – use it to make a difference,” she said. She went on to urge them to ‘play around with different mediums and techniques’ in order to make the most of their education and the facilities and opportunities that IIAD has to offer.

In the pursuit to take things further between IBM and IIAD, there were discussions on placements and internship opportunities for students, live collaborative classroom projects and expert lectures that IBM can offer in the future along with students visit to the IBM iX Design Centre. Ms. Batra’s visit was imperative in bringing to focus the fact that design is not just a craft but a tool that can be used for the betterment of society. It is, therefore, vital to consider what outcomes and goals the students are striving for as future Designers.
About her visit to the IIAD campus and her interaction with the students and faculty, she said, ‘this is the place to be – the next generation designers are growing and evolving here’.

About Ruchi Batra
With over 18 years of experience in design and creative direction, Ruchi is passionate about the interlock between user needs, business objectives and technology capabilities. Ruchi has worked with several clients and cross disciplinary teams to shape impactful experiences by translating human needs into actionable design strategies. She has worked across industries and geographies helping solve business problems and drive tangible business outcomes. As a researcher and designer, Ruchi brings unique perspectives to the many ways design can not only shape the present but also transform the future of emerging technologies and our world. Always keen to learning, adopting and experimenting with new frameworks and tools, she strives to create innovative service, user and brand experiences.


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