HR Summit 2019 at the IIAD Campus


Bridging the Gap between Expectations of Employers and Aspirations of the Youth
The Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD) recently hosted its first HR Summit on the theme “Bridging the Gap between the expectations of employers and the aspirations of the youth”. The youth of today are struggling to find their first job and employers also often find it difficult to get dedicated and inspired young professionals. As a result, there is a mismatch that arises leading to low efficiency and a spiraling attrition rate.

The HR summit was organised at the IIAD Campus to have a conversation around this growing gap in order to understand the factors at play and discuss viable solutions by encouraging students to “think and ask the right questions”. Experts from different areas of the design industry provided advice and insight on how to address this emerging gap.

In today’s day and age, it is important that employers adapt their recruitment practices in order to successfully engage young professionals who need to understand the design terrain and recruitment standards followed globally. With 10 panels each comprising of Industry Experts, Faculty, IIAD Alumni and current students, the event provided a platform for the exchange of thoughts and ideas to chart the way forward. The objective of these discussions was to boost the morale of the students and nudge them forward so they could rid themselves of any inhibitions surrounding the hiring process and job interviews. In the words of Ms. Shradha Garg, Vice President – Raj Overseas, one of the panelists, “a willingness to learn, adaptability and aligning ones’ self with the team to function as a unit are the most important skills we look for in a candidate.”

Ms. Leena Singh, Founder, Brand Ashima Leena, offered a crucial piece of advice to IIAD students, ‘In order to enrich your knowledge, it is vital to understand all the aspects of an organisation.’ Adding to this, Ms. Rupila Tondon, HR, FabIndia, spoke about the relevance of having knowledge of Indian crafts and textile techniques for the rural fashion industry. “It is important to know what you are doing at home, at the local level before you can understand what is happening outside. It is also vital to understand the entire process, from the genesis to the production and finally the finished product” she said.

Following the discussions, all the panelists offered the students insights into the workings of their respective industries and how to tackle any problems and hurdles they may face along the way. For instance, Mr. Rohit Krishan Gulati encouraged the students to take every opportunity coming their way – “to an experienced professional, getting a project going from 0-100, the zero is more important than 100. This is why there is a dire need for an influx of fresh talent at all times.”

The first HR summit organised at the IIAD Campus was a wonderful learning opportunity for all present. It provided a platform for the exchange of ideas and facilitated dialogues on the concrete steps that could be taken in order to bridge the employment gap. The industry professionals who attended the HR Summit felt it was a great initiative taken by the institution, an opportunity they didn’t get when they were starting out on their professional careers. We, therefore, look forward to continuing this practice in the years to come!


    1. Leena Singh – Founder of Ashima Leena Design Pvt Ltd.
    2. Shantanu Chakraborthy – Senior Director – Concentrix
    3. Patanjali Sharma – Founder – Purple Monkey Production House
    4. Shradha Garg – Vice President (Design & Product Development) – Raj Overseas
    5. Kajal Jain – Founder – Studio Meso
    6. Rupila Tandon – HR – FabIndia
    7. Rohit Krishan Gulati – Principal Architect – Incubis
    8. Priyamwada Singh – Founder/ Principal Architect – common Ground practice
    9. Shadan Raza Ahmed – Associate Director HR – Concentrix
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