Chinese Conglomerate Alibaba Visits IIAD, New Delhi


IIAD Campus, New Delhi
November 2019

Design Team of VMate – the popular social media app owned by the Chinese Tech giant Alibaba Group, visited the IIAD Campus on the 26th of November, 2019. The VMate application lets one record their daily life experiences and post them with in-app CGI filters on the platform.

An in-depth discussion with Alibaba’s colleagues furthered the students’ knowledge of their preference between content and design.The students were given a choice between being a part of the design team or the content team for the final part of the workshop.

The main agenda was to discuss India design preferences and aesthetics. The team came prepared with a series of questions targeting the present design sense and preference of the Indian audience. They also aimed at predicting trends for future customisation purposes.

Alex, Head – Design team at VMate, said that they were here to “better understand the significance of internationalization and localization of design”. The VMate was very enthusiastic about gaining insights into the students’ inspiration for designs, the habits and aspects of their lives they draw influence from, etc.

In conclusion, this workshop was very useful for both the students at IIAD as well as the Chinese representatives. It was a brilliant exchange of culture, ideas and technology.

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