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Enamel Jewelry Making Workshop

Foundation year students learn to craft enamel jewellery at the orientation week workshop organised at IIAD

A student engraving on his jewellery. Enamel accessories ready to be flaunted Students busy making enamel jewellery at the workshop The beads and baubles needed to make enamel jewellery A student colouring her jewellery pieces at the workshop Inviting students to the enamel jewellery making workshop at IIAD Finished enamel jewellery pieces crafted by the students Students huddle around to gather supplies for the jewellery projects Enamel jewellery making in progress Foundation year student makes her first enamel accessory Student engrossed in crafting his first enamel jewellery piece A student adds some colour to her enamel accessories Workshop instructor helps students design their enamel pieces Some enamel earrings and pendants ready for display Finished enamel accessories ready to be used Colourful jewellery pieces made at the workshop Beautiful enamel earrings and pendants made at the workshop Vibrant enamel accessories from the workshop


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