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Diwali Celebrations

Foundation year students celebrate their first diwali at IIAD.

Collage of IIAD students wishing everyone a Happy Diwali Student poses as she takes a break from creating rangoli with petals IIAD student decorates the floor with beautiful rangoli Students getting petals ready for rangoli Students paint the floors with beautiful patterns IIAD girls creating gorgeous rangoli with organic materials Students wearing traditional attire decorate IIAD Student places petals delicately to add color to rangoli Students paint wonderful spiral patterns for Diwali Celebrations at IIAD IIAD student poses with the rangoli Student poses with the painted patterns of rangoli IIAD students creating rangoli for Diwali celebrations Student uses saw dust to create organic rangoli Faculty joins in to create fabulous rangoli for Diwali at IIAD The finished rangoli is finally put on display for all to see IIAD students get together to create a beautiful rangoli


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