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Mon, 04 Feb, 2019

Workshop on Dance Movement Therapy with Tripura Kashyap

Every form of dance contains a timeless language of expression that depicts the social life and experiences surrounding it. Dance movement therapy basically uses movement to assist a person in dealing with physical or mental illness. This therapy aims to enhance a person’s physical, mental, cognitive and emotional well being. As budding designers, students at IIAD were introduced to this concept by Tripura Kashyap, an exponent of the Movement Therapy. The session began with Tripura Kashyap describing the intricacies of dance movement therapy and its importance. It was an extremely fun session and was enlightening at the same time for the students on how dance can help them become better conceptual designers. The students also performed dance in groups in order to understand and experience the nuances of Dance movement therapy.

About Tripura Kashyap

Tripura Kashyap is a choreographer and movement therapist based out in Delhi. She received a degree from Kalakshetra, a classical dance school founded by Rukmini Devi in Chennai. Tripura Kashyap is trained in Dance/Movement Therapy at Hancock Center in Wisconsin, U.S.A. She has also studied modern dance and has completed her Master’s degree in Psychology. She is the founder of Apoorva Dance Theatre, a contemporary dance group in Bangalore which has performed in several prestigious festivals all over India.

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