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Sat, 13 Oct, 2018

Clean Energy Jam Session at IIAD Campus

The Design Jam was held at the Indian Institute of Art and Design, New Delhi on OCT 13, 2018. Select institutes from India were invited to participate.

The focus was on Clean Energy and this initiative was being held simultaneously in five different cities across the world – Amsterdam, Nairobi, São Paulo, Mexico City and New Delhi. The area of focus was unique to each city and this time it was How can we promote clean and green buildings in Delhi- NCR.

The competition was open for three tracks of submissions: for startups, for students and for creative professionals. They were able to apply with an ongoing project or a fresh idea. The winner stood a chance to win up to € 10,000 to develop their idea, a customised acceleration program, a dedicated team of experts and mentors and access to the WDCD partnership network.

Unbox recently partnered with What Design Can Do (, This was an international competition- Global Climate Action Challenge that invited the design, research, student and startup community to rethink how smarter production, distribution and use of energy could look like, in partnership with Ikea Foundation.

This challenge was launched in search of ideas that are eligible for the program.

Unbox – is a design, arts and cultural platform founded in 2011 in India which has been bringing together practitioners, academics and students from across the world to collaborate, discuss and incubate new ideas that can help reimagine our world.

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