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More about the Foundation Programme

IIAD’s approach towards design education is to cultivate creativity in young minds. This means giving students an environment conducive to thinking multi-dimensionally and with creative application. We encourage students to adopt an interrogative approach towards conceptualization and making ‘design thinking’ a habit. Foundation year in design is a pivotal period where the students are encouraged to critically evaluate established notions and constructs, thereby expanding their creative canvas and equipping them with a more vibrant palate of possibilities required for their selected design disciplines.

With limited opportunities at the high-school level, students entering college often have inadequate art and design-related skill sets. Therefore, it becomes imperative to have a foundation programme at the undergraduate level that focuses on the development of fundamental yet nascent design skills and knowledge. The students develop a broad spectrum of skills to understand design vocabulary and are exposed to a variety of techniques, methods, materials and technologies (including e-tools) for use in design practice.

Every design exists within a context and addresses a situation or a challenge. The foundation course for students of art and design also aims at helping the students develop an awareness of the contemporary visual world within cultural, social and commercial contexts and learn about themes through experimentation, exploration and research. They are introduced to various research methodologies, sources and tools to help them develop self-reliant learning strategies as they move forward in the programme. This is also done to enable students to make informed design choices in using the relevant skill-sets, tools and techniques.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are critical to the industry-readiness and employability of any aspiring design practitioner. At IIAD, we are not only mindful of the necessity for these skill-sets but begin the process of grooming the students in the very first year. The focus is that students understand the nuances of effective communication and use it not only in their work, but also as a means to reach out to their future target audience.

The Foundation Year has a rich and diverse creative environment that brings together a broad range of inter-disciplinary programmes. Upon completion of the foundation year, students are ready to manage the rigours of specialized design education and join their respective design discipline, namely Communication Design, Interior Architecture and Design and Fashion Design.

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