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Czaee Malpani, Fashion Design, Faculty, IIAD
Czaee Malpani

Czaee Malpani is an accomplished practicing architect with a keen interest in research and education in both architecture and design. After having completed her B.Arch from the TVB School of Habitat Studies (TVBSHS), at New Delhi, she went on to pursue her M.Arch and MS.Arch from the Department of Architecture, Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati, wherein she was the recipient of consistent scholarships and graduate assistantships.. While pursuing her higher education in the USA, she did various architectural apprenticeships with renowned architectural firms like Voorhis Slone Welsh Crossland at Ohio, Champlin Architecture in Cincinnati and Landrum & Brown in Cincinnati, wherein she worked extensively on the Chicago O’Hare airport, as well as other international airports.

Upon completion of her post graduate studies in the discipline, Czaee began working with Shiriesh Malpani and Associates, and played an integral role in many of the projects undertaken by the firm. The notable ones include the MCD Civic Center, Delhi, consultation work with Ms. Sunita Kanvinde, expansion of the Senior School Wing and Special Educational Needs Block at Delhi Public School in Jammu and Kashmir and Radisson Hotel in Jammu and Kashmir. She also participated in prestigious architectural competitions, making the shortlist for the Khadi Bhawan and Office Headquarters, Bhubhaneshwar.

In addition to her practice, Czaee is also drawn towards extensive research work. Some of the topics that intrigue her are methods of translation in design, architectural representation, questions of gender in architecture, issues of narratives, phenomenology and hermeneutical methods to inform architecture amongst many others.

Owing to her professional and academic expertise in the skill-intensive field of architecture, Czaee also has some noteworthy publications to her credit - The Plan is the Discriminator: Masculinity and Modernist Architectural Drawings, Drawing Between the Lines: Intersections of Gender, Narratives and Representations and When Vasuki Lay Down Next to the Bell: Interpreting Vadakumnathan Temple’s Life World to name a few.

Czaee has also been actively involved in attending conferences, workshops, giving presentations and has even substantial field experiences that add dimension to her impressive repertoire of skills and knowledge.

At IIAD, Czaee will offer her vast experience and varied expertise to groom design aspirants.

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