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Skills Acquired by a
Communication Design Student

Communication Design is about transferring of an idea, a message, a ‘call to action’ through visuals. The written word, moving graphics and interface help communicate this message to the client/audience.

After graduating in Communication Design from IIAD, a student would be adept at :-

The skills developed by a student while pursuing a course in Communication Design at IIAD would adequately equip him/her to work across various platforms like :-

The student will ideally think design, look at the options available and pick up the skill sets he/ she will need to communicate the concept best to the chosen audience. Based on the foundation modules, the student will be equipped to visually represent ideas and forms with some clarity, but the skills typical to a Communication Design student such as typography, photography, illustration, marketing and design development will be delivered through guided projects within the scope of Communication Design.

Students of Communication Design will certainly develop their faculties in and graduate with the following abilities : -

  • Creativity and imagination
  • Attention to detail and sensitivity towards the target audience as per brief
  • Application of design processes and effective communication skills (be it for product sale, social awareness, corporate briefs, etc.)
  • Software skills for rendering print media, animation, web design and exhibition design
  • Advanced IT skills - Word, Excel, Website development, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, film and video editing software, 3Ds Max, etc.
  • Exhibition and space design, ergonomics, anthropometrics and understanding of the human form, etc.
  • Understanding of print-making, illustration, photography, book binding and packaging (from inputs by field experts during workshops, guest lectures and field visits)
  • Drawing skills - illustration, template drawing and grids
  • Spelling/ grammar/ numerical competency/ basic research
  • Market survey to understand material, the environment and the local culture
  • Ethics, norms and trends that are typical to the industry/ specialization
  • Execution of project as per brief with application of learnt skills and software
  • Great communication and teamwork skills
  • The ability to manage time, meet deadlines and work within a budget
  • Taking ownership of projects, communicating and presenting it with confidence

IIAD Graduate Attributes

A Typical Process for a Project in the Industry

  • The project is evaluated for its merit in terms of the client brief.
  • A media mix is discussed with the client as per the necessity. This might be the designer’s suggestion or the client's choice.
  • The designer will need to collaborate with various media experts and work out the cost estimate.
  • The concepts are discussed, brainstormed with the creative team (the communication designer will have to be part of a team mostly) and then the creatives are sketched out.
  • A presentation is made to the client of the concepts that have been visualized, with all options and variations factored in.
  • The selected concept is further developed into artworks and storyboards using requisite software. Photography, copywriting and other inputs are used for finalizing the output.
  • Production of print collateral/ advertising/ film/ animation/ web design/ user interface/ exhibition etc., need separate teams and the designer might be part of one such team or be the supervisor of all such teams to realise his/her concept through select media.
  • Timelines/ deadlines are critical, therefore, outsourced inputs need to be managed.
  • The client sees the final designs and then the campaign is ready to reach the audience as per media plan.

All the skill sets enumerated above have been incorporated into the curricula with an awareness of industry-needs. Our teaching methodology and comprehensive curricula ensure that students are adequately equipped to manage the rigours and demands of the design industry once they graduate from the Communication Design programme at IIAD.

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