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Bamboo Project – Auroville

The students of Interior Architecture and Design went to Auroville near Pondicherry. The Bamboo Center was an informal set up under the shade of trees in the heart of Auroville which was chosen because of its philosophy of learning by making. The Center provides a creative environment with existing furniture and musical instruments that are all made there itself. The place provided the students with an exposure to national and international architectural elements and philosophy towards design thinking.The students were also oriented to the properties of bamboo and then assigned to different workshop technicians who trained and guided them to better understand the basics of splitting, bending and cutting bamboo. They worked in groups and explored these techniques with joinery details.

The students were divided into groups of 12, each of which worked on a different product chosen by them. They conceptualised, designed and produced objects such as stools, tables, musical instruments, light fixtures and even a hammock. It was also an opportunity to get to know one another better and work as a team. They were asked to keep a daily journal of their progress and documented their work on a regular basis.

In their free time, the students also had the opportunity to visit the beautiful town of Pondicherry and its many beaches. They also visited Mahabalipuram on their way back to Chennai. The products created by the students were then put on display at IIAD for the students, faculty and staff to see. The field visit to Auroville was not only a great learning experience for the students as they had the opportunity to gain hands-on exposure and imbibe the culture and traditions of the place but also proved to be an extremely enjoyable one too as they took home with them many memories!

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