Anuragh Dasgupta

Adjunct Faculty

He is a budding cinematographer while developing his personal projects through a filmmaking collective he initiated named “Growing Pixels.” It aims at creating independent content that stems from a space of personal exploration which expand into a universal association. He holds a Diploma specializing in Digital Video Production (Fiction, Non fiction and Experimental Film making) mentored by Nicolas Grandi, Michael Joseph, RV Ramani and Deepa Dhanraj.

Anurag has interned at Famous house of Animation under Suresh Eriyat, Mumbai wherein he worked on concepts storyboard for Docomo and Virgin mobile ads. He has also interned at River Bank Studios. He further assisted an independent film and art production named Overdose Art. Pvt. Ltd. Anurag has worked as a cinematographer and editor for “An ordinary election”, a documentary by Lalit Vachani and “Daryache Raje” a documentary film by Kunal Deshpande. He further worked as an assistant director for a documentary named “Cities of Sleep”. At IIAD, he will be engaging with and mentoring the students pursuing their Communication Design Programme.

Enquiry 2020