Himanshu ShaniVisiting Faculty

Himanshu Shani, Visiting Faculty, IIAD
Himanshu Shani
Visiting Faculty

Himanshu Shani is a Fashion designer and the Co-Founder of 11.11/eleven eleven and Korra with more than 14 years of experience in the field of Fashion Design. He has a B.A. in Fashion Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Gandhinagar and an M.A. in Fashion/Apparel Design from Domus Academy, Milan.

Initially, he worked with Change Design as Consultant Fashion Designer and with Diesel as an R & D Consultant. He co-founded CellDSGN Pvt. Ltd, a design consultancy studio, in 2003. He has also consulted brands like 55 DSL Pachamama in Italy and Levi's, Madhura Garments & Raymonds in India. It was while consulting for Levis that he acquainted Shyam Sukhramani, then Marketing Director of Levi's Jeans. Shyam then appointed Himanshu to creatively direct for Red Loop India and soon after, they founded as their joint venture.

11.11/eleven eleven is the label of the parent company CellDSGN Pvt. Ltd. whose design vision and marketing initiatives are spearheaded by the entrepreneurs Himanshu Shani and Mia Morikawa who are Fashion Design and Graphic Design graduates respectively. 11.11 / eleven eleven is all about using the body as a field of expression while opening a dialogue on a range of dualisms such as modernity and pre-modernity / urban and natural based in the tradition of Khadi. Khadi Denim, Kala cotton (organic cotton), 300 count Khadi Cotton, Cotton silk, Ari Silk are few textile used with 11.11's signature.

Backed by extensive experience in cross-cultural Fashion, Himanshu has mastered the art of working with a sensitivity that transcends both mass and niche markets. Himanshu along with his business partner, Mia Morikawa, spearheaded the roots of their brand, 11.11/eleven eleven, in the luxury space with an organic perspective. Their seed-to-stitch approach towards creating the finest of garments generates human capital solely with no use of electricity and machinery resulting in the lowest production of industrial waste. is a sustainable and environmentally conscious brand of jeans. Founded by Himanshu under partnership with Mr. Shyam Sukhramani, former Marketing Director for Levi's Jeans, this brand uses products, materials and design that are durable in the long-run. Natural and recycled raw materials are used with an emphasis on sourcing each element locally. Each pair of jeans is made by one individual and hence quality assurance is not negotiable. Each product is signed by the tailor who works on it and has a traceable number. This creates a very personal brand experience for the consumer.

At Present, he is working with CellDSGN and as a consultant and designer. At IIAD, he will be mentoring the Fashion Design students of Level 5 on their project titled ‘Discovering Denim’ which is aimed at enhancing the students’ knowledge on denim as a fabric and also explore brands that hold expertise in denim and denim products.

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