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Vaani Dua, Interior Architecture and Design, Faculty, IIAD
Vaani Dua

Vaani Dua is a trained architect and educator, who has over 5 years of industry experience working on government and private architectural and design projects. Vani has a B.Arch. from the School of Planning and Architecture and an M.Arch from Aayojan School of Architecture where she completed her research and dissertation on the Architecture of Spiritual Spaces - an area of architecture that she has had a special inclination for.

Some of the projects undertaken by Vaani include:

Besides being a practicing architect, Vaani has also taught at architecture colleges and institutes around the country, including Sushant School of Art and Architecture, RIMT College of Architecture and Pearl Academy. She has experience of teaching courses including, but not limited to, Design, Architecture Drawing, TDL (trans disciplinary learning) Projects, Drawing & Communication, Building Construction, History of Architecture, and Model Making.

In her spare time, Vaani enjoys reading books on socially relevant topics, autobiographies and spiritual texts. She also likes to experiment with the culinary arts. She meditates regularly and sees herself an as explorer of new ideas, ventures, places and experiences.

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