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Megha Khanna, Fashion Design, Faculty, IIAD
Vridhi Kapani

Megha, from the very beginning had a growing interest in going beyond the traditional boundaries of art and design. She had a penchant for clothing and how it functions, little did she know that it would translate into a felicitous career path one day.

To slake her thirst to learn, she first pursued a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design from Raffles Millennium International and then went on to complete her post-graduation in Costume Design for Performance at the London College of Fashion.

During her tenure in London, she extensively internalized the diverse culture and art scene of the place. Her interdisciplinary approach got her to span many allied fields, primarily costume and performance, installation art, product design and fashion.

She has exhibited her work at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and has also designed for the National Film and Television School, UK. After this, she got the opportunity to work as a costume designer for the National School of Drama in New Delhi.

Megha has always been inclined towards the grotesque side of human behaviors and psychoanalysis, which are quite evident in her work. She aims to shed light on human abomination and disfigurements, establishing cause and effect ratios in life and function within various parameters of design.

Professional Accomplishments:

2015, June – Designed and executed costumes for the production "Native Peer" at the National School of Drama, New Delhi.

2015, April – Worked alongside a renowned practitioner Mr. Raj Bisaria, who is considered "the father of modern theatre in India" for the play "Julius Caesar" at the National School of Drama, New Delhi.

2014, December – Planned, mapped and executed a performance at the Sadler's Well Theatre, London, United Kingdom.

2014, August – Appointed as the costume designer for the film "Barry Glitter" by the National Film and Television School – Beaconsfield, United Kingdom. The film has been qualified for a screening at the BAFTA.

2014, May – Worked in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum, London to exhibit at the Raphael Gallery. An installation piece on Shakespeare's last written piece 'The Tempest.'

2013, July – Conceptualized costumes for a Canadian production company 'Saim and Duncan Productions' working on an Indian patriotic film 'Alidev'.

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